Walk In Baths

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Premier Care in Bathing designs quality Powered Baths and Walk-in Bathtubs that are ideal for people with Limited Mobility, Disabled, Handicapped or people suffering from Pain, Arthritis, Stress and other Debilitating Conditions.

The Momentum Powered Bath from Premier Care is a “Full Powered” Bath that utilizes Premier Care’s “Simple Lift” system to easily lift a person with a Handicap or Disability safely and comfortably in and out of the bath with independence. The Empower Walk-in Bath from Premier Care is a step-in tub with a strong, slip-resistant seat. Once the tub fills with water you gently lower the power seat with the press of a button.

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Momentum - Powered BathtubMomentum – Powered Bathtub

Empower - Powered Walk in BathtubEmpower – Powered Walk in Bathtub

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