Powered Baths

Powered Bath by Premier Care In Bathing

Powered Walk In Bath Tubs are the ideal bath tub for disabled and handicapped people who are unable to sit down in a traditional bathtub.

The Simple-Lift Powered Baths offer the most comfortable and convenient way to safely experience full length bathing in privacy.

Informative image: Empower Walk in BathEmpower Walk In Powered Bath Tub

Side Opening Door with Powered Lift Bath Chair

The Empower allows you to step into the tub and sit on a strong, slip-resistant seat. Once the tub fills with water, gently lower the power seat with the press of a button.

Momentum Walk In Powered Bath Tub

Powered Lift and Swivel Chair

The Momentum’s slip-resistant power-lift chair with optional leg rest swivels into and out of the tub with the simple press of a button. Combine the gentle relief of Hydrovescent Therapy with invigorating spa jets to stimulate and soothe your body.

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